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    Theodore Kim,
    Office Hours: By appointment
    Phelps 2516

Teaching Assistant:

    Sahar Sajadieh,
    Office Hours: TBD


    Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00 - 4:50 PM
    Elings 2810

Course Description:

    This course will cover advanced computer graphics topics in rendering, animation, and modeling. Topics may include, but are not limited to: programmable shading, General-Purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing, rigid body dynamics, OpenCL programming, physically based animation, subdivision surfaces, shadow algorithms, character skinning methods, ambient occlusion, and fractal growth algorithms.


    We will assume that you have taken an introductory computer graphics class. You should know how to open and control an OpenGL window, be familiar with the basic ray tracing algorithm, and be comfortable reading and writing C/C++.

Recommended Textbooks:

Useful Websites:

Grading Scheme:

  • Homework assignments - 25% Homeworks will be assigned in C/C++ and will involve implementing the techniques discussed in class.
  • Paper presentations - 25% You will select one recent paper from the literature that interests you and give an in-depth presentation to the class.
  • Final Project - 50% The class will culminate in a project of your choosing. The project can be an implementation of a large, non-trivial technique, or a trial implementation of a novel technique of your own design. You are encouraged to pursue projects that align with your own research interests, and that may lie outside the bounds of more traditional research.