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Syed Reza Ali

Degree:  Masters
syedali (at)

Research Interests: New Media Tools for DJs/VJs, Human Computer Interaction, Data Visualization, 3D Animation/Rendering/Scripting, Regenerative Visuals, Audio-Visual Interactive/Immersive Environments, Photography, Web Design, User Interfaces, and Electronics.


Basak Alper

Degree:  PhD
basakalper (at)

Basak joined MAT program as a Fulbright scholar in 2006. After working as a research scientist for a year, she commenced her PhD studies in 2009. Basak has been working on information and scientific visualization topics for the past six years. She worked for Microsoft Research, Seattle (2010), IBM Research, Almaden (2011) and Inria, Saclay (2012).

Her current research interests lie at the intersection of information and scientific visualization techniques. Specifically, the topic of her doctoral research is bridging 2D and 3D representations through novel interaction and visualization techniques that would benefit visualization of both abstract and scientific data sets.

Amichi Amar

Degree:  PhD
ami.amar (at)


Salman Bakht

Extended Profile

Degree:  PhD
locrian (at)

Salman Bakht is a new media artist and composer studying at UC Santa Barbara's Media Arts and Technology Program. Salman's work focuses on the reproduction and transformation of recorded audio through algorithmic and natural processes and the analysis, representation, and integration of the physical environment and the media landscape.

Melissa Bartolomeo

Ashok Basawapatna

Mohammed Battah


Bo Bell

Degree:  PhD
bobell.forreal (at)

Research Interests: Interactivity; Multimedia Theater Design; Gesture Analysis and Multimodal Sensing; Text-based Composition.

Artistic Interests: Public (Trans-spatial/"Guerilla") Performance; Narrative and Ritual; Found Sounds and Objects; Human Interaction in Absurd/Altered Environments.

Recent Work:

  • Sound Design, Pericles by William Shakespeare, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (New York), 2009.
  • Computer Vision architect, MODE Studios' large-scale interactive artwork, Microsoft E&D Buildings, Redmond WA, 2009.
  • Interactive Programming consultant, Marie Sester's BE[AM] (gallery installation), 2008.
  • Lucius McKeon Bell, Male Human Child, Sept 2008.
  • Interactive audio/visual installations, NIGHTS series, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2006-2008.
  • Sound Design, Richard III by William Shakespeare, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (New York), 2007
  • Computer Vision Consultant, Marie Sester's "" at Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Gijon, Spain, March-June 2007.

August Black

Degree:  PhD
august (at)

August Black is an artist, researcher, and developer of new tools and instruments. His research is based in the general overlap of culture, craft, and code. From 2005-7 he was resident artist at UCSB's BioImage Informatics Lab, researching in the areas of volume rendering, multimedia database applications and high resolution tiled display systems. His current research interests include the politics and production of open media formats (free radio, film/video, free software) and distributed event structures.


Bryan Brown

bryan (at)

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