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For Current Students

Student Information System

MAT uses a private database system to store information about our students, and to track their progress towards their degree objectives.

It can be found here (login required):

Preparing for Your Degree

For information about how to prepare for your final project presentation (Master's or PhD), see MAT Degree Timeline.

For information about planning for the PhD qualifying exam and dissertation proposal, see PhD Qualifying Exam and Dissertation Proposal.

More information about academic dates and deadlines can be found at the: Graduate Division Calendar.

MAT Graduate Student Handbook

MAT provides a document titled the "MAT Graduate Student Handbook" for incoming students. You may download the 2015-2016 version here (PDF).


All of the Graduate Division Forms can be found here:

MAT Travel Grants

MAT has set aside a limited amount of funding for students to attend important conferences in which they have a paper, performance, or installation accepted. This funding opportunity is subject to the following rules and constraints:

Awards are subject to the availability of funds, so there is no guarantee requests will be funded. When the travel funds have been exhausted for a given academic year, no more travel grants will be awarded until the next academic year.

How to Apply

Your advisor must send an email to "travel (at)" requesting an MAT Travel Grant at least one month in advance of the event, with the following information:

Travel grant recipients must be sure to keep receipts for reimbursable items. Contact Marisa Ortega ( marisa (at) ) for reimbursement details.