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Cosm is an integrated collection of externals and abstractions to assist the construction of navigable, sonified virtual worlds using Max/MSP/Jitter. Cosm has been designed to require only minimal changes to existing Max/MSP/Jitter patches to support a number of features valuable in the creation of virtual worlds. More info and downloads at:



LuaAV is an integrated programming environment based upon extensions to the Lua programming language to enable the tight real-time integration of computation, time, sound and space.

More info at:


Luaclang is a module (loadable library) for the Lua programming language ( providing bindings to the LLVM/Clang APIs (, in order to control LLVM/Clang from within Lua scripts (in particular, supporting JIT compilation of arbitrary C/C++/Objective-C or LLVM IR code at runtime).

More info at:


A template header file for constructing Max/MSP externals from C++ classes, in a friendly and readable manner. The core notion is that an instance of the external is encapsulated by an instance of the C++ class:


More information & downloadable project files at:


A modest collection of Max/MSP abstractions, mostly concerned with making audio/visual interactions, conversions and controls easier. Includes:

Arose from the needs of projects at MAT, and the Max/MSP/Jitter seminar at SCI-Arc, but probably useful for many... Download here.


GLV (Graphics Library of Views) is a GUI building toolkit written in C++ for Linux, OSX, and Win32. GLV is specially designed for creating interfaces to real-time, multimedia applications using hardware accelerated graphics. GLV has no dependencies on other libraries other than OpenGL which is provided by all modern operating systems.


More information & downloadable project files at:



Lua~ is a Max/MSP external embedding an extension to the Lua programming language for computer music composition, supporting sample accurate interleaving of synthesis and functional control. More information at:



Max/MSP externals for Ambisonic encoding, rotating and decoding up to 3rd order for two or three dimensional speaker arrays. More information at:

NOTE: These objects have been partially subsumed into the Cosm toolkit.