MAT End of Year Show



The Media Arts and Technology Program at UCSB (MAT@UCSB) presents latent•ville, our 2023 EoYS (End of Year Show), in two events:

Thursday, June 1st, 6-9pm at SBCAST

513 Garden St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Friday, June 9th, 6-9pm at UCSB

Elings Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara, 93106


Exhibition Poster

Our theme this year, latent•ville, is a play on latent space, a central concept in machine learning, and Alphaville, a reference to the classic 60s movie that anticipated the advent of artificial intelligence. A -ville being a space where people commune, latent•ville is the latent space we live in now. As AI's awesome and terrible power colors our lives and pervades our public and private spaces, and even the spaces of our imagination, we ask, what is art in latent•ville now?

Both EoYS events will showcase our students' cutting-edge research and new media artworks and work from our MAT courses.

  • The June 1st SBCAST event will feature the work of MAT students at the new MAT AlloplexStudio@SBCAST, with extensive new projection mapping constituting a spectacular electronic audiovisual concert.
  • The June 9th Elings event will feature open laboratories: transLAB, Experimental Visualization Lab, Expressive Computation Lab, plus new immersive experiences in MAT's famous AlloSphere.

Media Arts and Technology (MAT) at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is a transdisciplinary graduate program that fuses emergent media, computer science, engineering, electronic music, architecture and design, and digital art research, practice, production, and theory.

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