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Computing Resources

MAT has large lab spaces in Elings Hall that are used for research and instruction. Each of these labs is equipped with computer systems and hardware (e.g., projectors, cameras, and audio systems) used to support the activities in the lab.

To reserve or check out a piece of equipment, use the MAT Equipment Reservation System. You must have a user account in order to use it.

Wireless Access Points

UCSB provides a wireless service that is accessible throughout much of the campus. To access it, you will need your UCSB NetID and password to authenticate.

There are two wireless networks: UCSB Wireless and UCSB Secure.

UCSB Wireless requires you to login each time you use it.

UCSB Secure requires you to perform a one time setup, and then you will no longer be required to authenticate. In addition all traffic is encrypted. For information about how to do this, see:

MAT also maintains a number of wireless access points in Elings Hall and Phelps Hall. These are particularly handy for visitors who do not have a UCSB NetID. For information on how to connect to the MAT wireless access points, please email support (at)

Loaner Laptop

MAT has two loaner laptops that can be checked out when a student laptop becomes unusable due to hardware failure. It can be checked out using the MAT Equipmentment and Reservation System for two weeks at a time. After two weeks, it should either be returned to MAT Support, or contact MAT support if you need an extension.

Video and Camera Equipment

There are two video cameras available for check out; a Sony PMW-EX1 HD camera, and a Canon XL1. Tripods, soft lights, and other equipment is also available. There is also a Sony Alpha NEX-7 digital camera available for student use.

Audio Equipment

MAT has three studios in the Music Building equipped with ProTools, multi-track recording and editing systems, keyboads, synthesizers, microphones, and audio software. In addition, there are three labs in Elings Hall called the "PluriLabs" that are equipped with hardware and software for audio and video production.


eStudio is a multi-media lab available to students in the Department of Art and Media Arts and Technology. It is equipped with both Windows and Apple workstations, and provides a large selection of software for the creation of digital art, interactive media, video production, and other multi-media projects. eStudio is located in Building 534, room 2220. For more information, please visit