MAT251 02S
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Instructor: George Legrady

Monday 5-7pm - estudio

MAT 251 is a self-directed project based course where each student will be responsible for defining all aspects of their project's goals, production and realization. The projects can address any topic of individual interest and any production goals from pure technical solutions to applied or creative work as long as it integrates camera vision, the issue of interface and digital technology. The expectation is that students will be conversant or acquire the necessary technical skills to realize a working project or tangible product such as a software, a prototype, or an artwork. Interdisciplinary team-based work is encouraged as the function of the course is to provide a forum for concept development, solution methods, information exchange and project realization.

Projects can address topics such as: computer vision, webcam, the intelligent space, surveillance , wearable computing, motion sensing, GPS and portable web, camera sensing and sound, holography, sequential space/time visualization, time-frame cinematic technologies, eye tracking technologies, camera and robotics, 3D vision and projection, seeing objects, vision algorithm developments, gesture recognition etc.

Projects can be realized in the following platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac. An introduction to motion sensing technology through a Mac based system and Macromedia Director can be offered upon request. Integral to the course is attendance at the weekly Monday evening Digital Media Lectures.

Text References (Selected readings from) Ken Goldberg, "The Robot in the garden", MIT press "Actualizing the virtual", Centre Pompidou CD-Rom compilation otherwise online research

Prerequisites Basic knowledge of camera and computer interface with programming useful. Upper-division undergraduates are welcome with permission of the instructor.