MAT200A Art & Technology Seminar | Schedule

George Legrady
Eunsu Kang

Seminar Meetings: Monday 5-7pm, Wednesday 5-7pm - Estudio
Visiting Lectures: Monday 5-7pm - HSSB 1174

Student Research Projects

Course Objectives

Course Goals

To provide an overview of the digital media arts discipline by introducing a range of issues, themes, methods, and institutions through historical and contemporary examples representative of both the theory and practice.

We will attempt to define the artistic/aesthetic approach, consider the conditions under which it is produced, and address methods of evaluation. In conjunction with the above, we will also focus on identifying similarities and differences in problem-solving, creativity, and methodologies as practiced in the arts and the sciences with the goal to reveal interdisciplinary possibilities to foster team-based research and production through arts-engineering collaborative projects.

Monday evenings will include visiting lecture presentations. Wednesday evenings will concentrate on faculty and student presentations on a range of relevant topics from readings and research.

Required Texts

Additional References
  Digital Art, Christiane Paul, Thames & Hudson, UK 2003
The New Media Reader, N.Wardrip-Fruin, N.Montfort, MIT Press 2003

Intersections of Art, Science, Technology & Culture, Information Arts, Steve Wilson
Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality, Randall Packer
Legrady Mixed Resources
Man + Robots, Symbiotic Art, L. Moura, H. Pereira

M 9.27 Course Introduction
    Course objectives and overview: workload, resources and references: lectures, readings, research goals, presentations, final projects.What is digital media arts? Art as research

W 9.29

Arts & Science: Some Methods, Similarities, Differences
Neuro | NeuroMorph Institute | Netspannung.org |

Art as Research, R&D as a Source of Inspiration for Artists, Steve Wilson
Technology Based Art, Michael Naimark

M 10.4 Lecture Ecce Homology: Ruth West, Jeff Burke, Eitan Mendelowitz
W 10.6

Anne Pascual & Marcus Hauer | Alex Kouznetsov | Ryan Avery | Wes Smith | Terry Keller

Digital Art, Christiane Paul (Introduction (Background), Chapter 1: Technology as Tool)

M 10.11   Lecture Roger Malina astrophysicist, Leonardo MIT Press, "Imagining Other Futures for Science and Technology"
W 10.13

Large Pixel Surfaces | DECOI_Aegis Hyposurface | Jim Campbell | Moeller | Ned Kahn

Carlos Castellanos | Antonio medrano | Jorge Castellanos | Eric Keshishian | Zach Davis

Digital Art, Christiane Paul (Chapter 2: Technology as Medium)

IGERT F 10.15
  Lecture Prof. Michael Zyda, Director Moves Institute

M 10.18

Lecture Eddo Stern, artist, "On Case Modding, game hacking, independent game development, c-level and independent institutions, games and performance, art and engineering, Machinima"

W 10.20

Corbett Brown | Graham Wahefield | Eric Newman | Will Wolcott | Cade McCall | Rama Hoetzlein

Digital Art, Christiane Paul (Chapter 3: Themes in Digital Art)

10.22-10.24 Distributed Form: Network Practice Conference, College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley

M 10.25 Multi-Disciplinary TeamWork
Coordination, Communication, Knowledge-Sharing (Steinheider)
W 10.27

Conceptual Art: Systems, Processes -> Digital Methods (From land art, processes, propositions, etc. to digital reflections)

Robert Smithson | Agnes Denes | Joseph Kosuth | Sol Lewitt | Baldessari | Buckminster Fuller

Software & Drawing, Casey Reas | Whitney Artport |

IGERT F 10.29
  Lecture Prof. Hong Tan, Haptic Interfaces

M 11.1 Poetics, Ephemera, Aesthetics
Osmose | | Alan Rath | Robin Minard |

  "Expression and Aesthetics in Science and Art", Ethnography as Discursive Sabotage, Benetta Jules-Rosette

W 11.3

Data Mapping | Information Visualization

The New Media Reader, Chp1. Excerpts: "The Complex, The Changing, The Indeterminate"

IGERT F 11.05
  Lecture Prof. Shawn Brixey, DXArts, University of Washington

M 11.8 Collaborative Research Projects: E.A.T/ArtSci | Sommerer/Mignonneau | Moura/Ramos (Swarm Intelligence) | Art + Com |
W 11.10

Final Project Brainstorm

The New Media Reader, Chp2. Excerpts: "Collective Media, Personal Media"

M 11.15 Lecture Kostas Terzidis, From Algo to Allo: The Intricacy of the
W 11.17

Algorithmic Design & Processes (from architecture and other disciplines)
Final Project Individual Meetings with me

The New Media Reader, Chp3. Excerpts: "Design, activity and Action"

M 11.22 Lecture Kit Clayton Sound artist, Max/Jitter
W 11.24


Final Project Work-in-Progress Presentations

The New Media Reader, Chp4. Excerpts: "Revolution, Resistance, and the Launch of the Web"

M 11.29 Lecture Eric Paulos Intel Research (Robotics | Telerobotics | Smart Objects)
W 12.3

Project Group Meetings

  Student Research Projects (Final Project Guidelines)






  A ubuiquitous coffee cup with covert functionalities for augmented spaces

A site-specific sound installation, transforming a public space into a personal audio-visual site

An interactive space that confronts the viewer with an uncanny representation of the self

A reinvention of sensory exploration - a VR tactile space

An installation that explores alternative forms of moderated dialogue between individuals

  UCSB New Media Faculty

Interactive Art
Data Mapping
Interactive Art
Space & TeleCommunications
Graham Budgett
Lisa Jevbratt
George Legrady
Marcos Novak [Eduction] [Torus Warp ]
Marko Peljhan [Image Archive][Research Topics ]

  Fall Art Exhibitions / Events

Beyond Geometry, LACMA
Robert Graham, MOCA
Robert Smithson, MOCA
LA FreeWaves Film, Video, New Media Festival