ARTS 102 Aesthetics of Visual Noise(4 units)

Instructor: George Legrady
legrady [a] arts.ucsb.edu

Tues-Thurs 10:00-12:50 pm, E-studio

The goal of this semester's research and work will be to collect data, examine, extract and synthesize meaning out of noise and create projects based on, or using noise. Lectures will focus on an introduction to topics related to noise such as Information Theory, Brownian motion, Gaussian distribution, weather patterns (Chaos Theory), image processing algorithms, expressions of noise in nature and art. Students' work will include research, data collecting, and projects based on topics covered in the lectures.

T 3.29 Course Overview

Noise and Information Definitions
Course focus on research and production

Th 4.1

Technical Introduction to Noise


Visual and algorithmic examples

10 digital images of noise, list of 15/20 of what is visual noise

T 4.6 Examples of Visual Noise

Student Research

GL Projects on Noise


Random Walk, Noboru Matsuo
Effects of Randomness on Noise, E.Anthony Giron
Noise, James Shiau

Sensing Speaking Space

Presentation of student noise images

Th 4.8  

Introduction to Processing (Eric)
Pulsar Generator
, Curtis Roads

T 4.13
  Urban Signals and Data in Visual Noise


GL Projects on Noise


Russolo's Art of Noise [2][3][4][5] (Futurism, 1913)

Urban Nature
Between East & West
Weather Patterns (Mark Bajuk video)
The Central City (by Stanza)

Visual Noise project (in processing)

Th 4.15  

Lab (Demos in processing.org)

Brownian Motion
Cellular Automata
Uli Schmidts' random demos

T 4.20
  Individual Lab


Student lab work on project

Th 4.22


Individual Lab

Processing project Presentation

Student Sample Codes


Michael Bevry, BoxWalk
Trevor Chambers, Sym
Jack Chu
Paul Dimalanta, Clover
Anthony Giron, Stars
Eugenia Huang, Brownian

Eric Keshishian, Box[1][2]
Emily Landsman, Rainbow
Susan Luc, Speeding Bars
Maggie Martinez, Headlines
Noboru Matsuo
Ben Meyers, Lines
Ben Reynolds, Brownian
Joe R, ClickBox
Erland Sandborn, CamMotion
James Shiau
Wesley Turner

T 4.27
  Noise Simulations in 3D, Mapping Noise

Christian Moeller Projects
After the Storm visualization, NSCA
BOIDS, Algorithmic Simulations (Craig Reynolds)

Th 4.29




Processing project II - Integrate 3 or 4 functions learned last week

T 5.4
  Research Plan & Work for Final Project

Th 5.6  

Individual Lab

T 5.11
  Kohonen | Self-Organizing Algorithm
Timo Honkela Natural Language Processing
Pockets Full of Memories

Th 5.13



Research project presentation

T 5.18
  Vision & Image Understanding Lab Miguel Eckstein, Psychology

Th 5.20  


T 5.25
  Cellular Automata
NKS, Wolfram

Th 5.27  


T 6.1
  Artificial Life

Th 6.3  


T 6.8
  Review of CourseWork

Th 6.10 Final Project Presentation
Documentation Reports Due

Other References
  Markov Chains
Gaussian Distribution
Nobuo's Ising Model Research
Fibonacci Sequences