ARTS 102 Aesthetics of the Algorithmic Image(4 units)

Instructor: George Legrady
legrady [a] arts.ucsb.edu

Wed-Fri 10:00-12:00 pm, E-studio

Course Goals
  The goals of this course will be to gain an increased understanding of the digital image, to acquire a working knowledge of basic programming as a way to transform the digital image, and to create digital images directly from computer code through mathematical and algorithmic processes. In conjunction with the practical skills, the weekly presentations will provide an overview of the history, and contemporary examples of algorithmic generated images and projects.

F 9.23 A Few Perspective on the Digital Image

Artistic Process
Art Historical


Language & Belief in Synthesis, George Legrady
The Matrix of Sensations, Donald Kuspit
Legrady Mixed Resources
Steve Wilson's Resources

W 9.28

Lab: Technical Introduction to 2D convolution in Photoshop


Concepts, basic methods of image filtering, sampling rate, frequencies

Minimum 5 images processed with custom filters

F 9.30

The Digital Process: Sampling, Processing Visualization
Procedures and examples from life and art

What is an Algorithm?

Walking as algorithm | Algorithms in Nature | Sol Lewitt | genetic algorithms


New Kind of Science (NKS), Wolfram (chapter 2)

W 10.5  

Lab: Introduction to the concept of writing code:
Introduction to Processing | random walk

F 10.7


Basic image/pixel processes | sinewave |

Student Presentation Projects

W 10.12  

Sinewave modulation | amplitude/frequency | color tint | linear sine visualization



History of Abstract & Non-Representation Images
Scientific image: Marey |
Non-Representational image: Moholy-Nagy | Whitney Sr | Morellet
Calculating Images: Representations in Art & Science

Bill Buxton, 2pm, Eng 1 Seminar Room


Project I Presentations

W 10.19

Student Algorithmic Projects

Alex_Inigo | Cynthia_Nelson | Emanuel_Garcia | Johannes_Goerz [2] [3]
Michael_Bokosky | Michael_Nicolayeff | Terry_Giang | Mike_Godwin

F 10.21

Research on Algorithms

Swarm Intelligence (Alex_Inigo) | Ancient Cultures (Cynthia_Nelson)
Caustics Emanuel_Garcia | Flocking Behavior (Johannes_Goerz)
Recursion (Michael_Bokosky) | Perlin Noise (Michael_Nicolayeff)
Genetic Algorithm (Mike_Godwin) | Verostko (Terry_Giang)




Research Presentation & Topic Interest Description for Final Project

Project II -

F 10.28

  Uli Schmidts' random demos

Dr. Benjamin Fry
MIT Media Lab, 2pm, Eng 1 Seminar Room

W 11.2  

Lab | Individual Meetings

F 11.4

Whitney Artport |

W 11.9


MStudio Printing

F 11.11

W 11.16  

Studio Lab

F 11.18
  Advanced Algorithms
Cellular Automata

NKS, Wolfram

W 11.23  

Animation & Time-Based Examples

F 11.25

W 11.30  

Studio Lab

F 12.2

Final Projects

Alex_Inigo | Cynthia_Nelson | Emanuel_Garcia | Johannes_Goerz [2] [3] [4]
Michael_Bokosky | Michael_Nicolayeff | Terry_Giang | Mike_Godwin

W 12.7 Final Project Presentation
Documentation Reports Due