MAT200A Art & Technology

George Legrady
Jamie Timms

Seminar Meetings: Monday 5:00-6:50pm, Fridays 1:00-3:00pm - Arts2220 and CNSI

General Description

Overview of the digital media arts field with an emphasis on technological developments and their integration in art research and production. Students are introduced to contemporary and historical directions and methodologies through seminar lectures, research presentations, and a final project.

09.29 Literature Overview
Brief description of the discipline with an overview of the key literature of the past 10 years with some earlier historical examples.

10.02 Students present an example of previous work/research.

10.06 ACM Art Exhibition
Detailed discussion of each of the 12 peer reviewed projects selected for the ACM Arts Exhibition within the context of the previous week's lecture topic.

10.09 Students present an example of previous work/research.

10.13 Discipline Overview: Mapping the Components
An overview of the key components of new media arts. What is new media, digital media arts? What are the range of expertise, multidisciplinary influences, methods of work, formats, venues, audiences, etc.

10.16 Students select one of the projects for study and to work with the artist throughout the installation process. Analysis and research of related projects.

10.20 ACM preperation (no class).

10.23 Individual Reports on ACM installation/exhibition (no class).

10.27 ACM Exhibition Panel Presentation
A panel discussion with the participating artists in the exhibition.

10.30 Rules of Engagement
It is not enough to create. One has to engage a set of techniques and references to be able to inform, contextualize and situate the research and creation. These fall in the categories of artistic invention, conceptual methods and innovation, the design process, aesthetics, culture, and technology.

11.03 Visual/Design Culture
Directions in Visualization. Language, Semiotics, Visual Form. Data visualization. Information Visualization, Mapping.

Reading: Barthes' "Rhetoric of the image" [Download article] [Panzani Billboard ] [Notes]

11.06 Angus Forbes guest presentation on Information Visualization: MAT 259

11.10 Veterans Day

11.13 Final project overview.

11.17 Rules of Engagement and Semiotics

11.20 Final project brainstorm: work as team, no class.

11.24 Thanksgiving

11.27 Teams present basic concepts.

12.01 Timo Honkela Natural Language Processing IGERT Lecture
Arts & Engineering: History, Nature of Collaboration, What is the Interface? Contemporary and historical models from the Sciences.

12.04 Project development, and individual meetings.

12.08 Presentation Methods
Proposals and Descriptions, Institutions Overview, Funding & Resources.

12.11 Project development.

12.12 Final Projects:
Meta Mesh, Dennis Adderton, Basak Alper, Mark Daggett
Statistical Lens, Melissa Carrasco, Anna Knos, Charlie Roberts
Out of Time, Kim Beil, Sarah Stuckey, Larry Wu