MAT259 Visualizing Information(4 units)

George Legrady
Charlie Roberts

Lecture: Tuesday 10:00-12:00, Lab: Thursday 10:00-12:00 - e-studio/Arts2220

Lab 2

Today we did design critiques of lab assignment 2. This wound up taking the entirety of class, so we didn't get to look at the demo example for this week, which examines the aggregated Seattle Public Library checkin data for a day. You can download the commented example file if you want to experiment with looking at more than a single hour of data in your visualization; you will also want to download a full day's worth of UTF converted XML files to use in Processing.

Assignment 2 due 1/24/08

In this lab assignment you will visualize either one or two dimensions of the SPL data. Attention to visual language and aesthetics are an important consideration in this assigment; take another look at the slides shown in class on Tuesday and incorporate the ideas and concepts presented into your visualization. You will also need to turn in a short summary (1 page, double spaced) of how you used these concepts in your visualization

You will present your work at the start of lab on Thursday.

To turn in this assigment (and the remainder of the lab assignments this quarter) please place your Processing files into a folder along with any accompanying fonts, data, images etc. Zip up this folder and email it to both George and I by the start of lab next Thursday.

Please contact me to setup office hours if you think you'll need help.