Content of graph

Books - check in January 02.2008 and check out in December.


Content description of the graph

User can see in what days and hours the library was busy.
User can see what subjects were more popular among books in the month of December.


List of data

checked in January 02.2008
checked out Decemner 12.2007

  • Generalities
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Social Science
  • Language
  • Natural Science & Mathematics
  • Technology
  • The Arts
  • Literature & Rhetoric
  • Geography & History

What formal elements did I use in my data representation?

line - to show the vertical and horizontal segments of the grid of the graph

rectangular - to show the data representation

short segments - to show the unit of days (unit for time - 30 min, unit for day)

color - used 10 different color to differentiate the categories of subjects
SeattleLibrary I choose these color according to the standard used by the Seattle Public Library website). Each color has 80 level of alpha. In fact, since some books were borrowed in the same time and day, I represented them using a darker color there where more books were checked out. So the richness and transparency of a color will be changed depending on the number of book that were checked out in the same time and day.
buttons - to give the choice of what data to represent


Horizontal - days
Vertical - times line
Bottom - title of this data
Right side of panel - button for each categories of books

Progress of Developement

   Version 1
check out month vs day :: check in 01.02.2008 14 pm

   Version 2

check out hour vs day in Dec :: check in 01.02.2008

   Final Version


check out hour vs day in Dec :: check in 01.02.2008


Download Code

download seattlelibrary.zip

visit seattle library data