MAT200A Art & Technology

George Legrady
YuanYi Fan

Tues, Thur 1:00pm-3:00pm - Experimental Visualization Lab 2611, Elings Hall (CNSI)

Course Description



Objectives, Goals, Format

F2009 | F2008 | F2007 | F2006 | F2005 | F2004 | W2003 | W2002 | SP2001

Some examples of final projects from previous courses:
Complexity Garden | Rebirth | MetaMesh | Ubicup | Echo))) | MediaMatter


Digital Media Arts
Preparations | 2005-2010 Mailling List | 2010F Forum |

Discipline Overview | Art, Technology, Science, Culture | Media Arts Literature Overview

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Course Overview [ppt] [jpg]

Concepts | Research | Form | Technology | Materials | Aesthetics | Narrative

Campbell [portfolio] | Architecture Studio | Fontana | Bion [1][2] | Chair | Kahn

The Studio Crit | Symptoms of the Aesthetic (p252), Merit (Goodman)

[2].......09.28 Tu

  Common Ground Workshop [Guide]

09.30 Th

Student Expertise Presentation | Expertise Resource List

"Catalyst" (chapter 1), ArtScience, David Edwards | Le Laboratoire, Paris

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Exp. in Arts & Technology
  Research Themes & Directions (Review previous years/projects)

LACMA Art & Technology | Artists Selections | Langlois Overview | Time Magazine 1971 Review

10.07 Th

[4]....... 10.12 Tu   Project Proposals
Veljko, Casey, Nick (Description)
Myles, IVana, Michael (Description)
Marco, Yun, Brian, Joshua (Description)

10.14 Th

  Projects Related Examples

[5]...... 10.19 Tu
  Team Schedule Presentation
EEG: Myles, IVana, Michael (Schedule)
Synesthesia: Marco, Yun, Brian, Joshua (Schedule)
MetaDome: Veljko, Casey, Nick (Schedule)

10.21 Th
Individual Meetings

[6]...... 10.26 Tu

  Project References
EEG: Brain Wave Music, Mattia, Enzo Varriale, Unstable Empathy, EEG based interactive installation

Synesthesia: Dream House, You Are Here, Sonne Stat Regen, The Light Inside, Ernesto Neto

MetaDome: Robin Minard, Xenakis Concret PH, Xenakis Persepolis, Xenakis Le Polytope de Cluny, Philips Pavilion at Brussels '58, Pepsi pavilion, Osaka '70, UK pavilion, Shanghai '10, Germany pavilion, Shanghai '10, Cloud Forest, Sendai Mediatheque, The Blur Building, Neri Oxman's Beast project, Jurgen Mayer H, Aerosol Architecture, Creative Review Magazine, Projects from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Jurgen Mayer H, Josef Svoboda, Extensive archive

10.28 Th
Individual Meetings

[7]...... 11.02 Tu

11.04 Th

Project Stage I Presentation (pdfs)
Cortical Fusion

[8]...... 11.09 Tu
  Graphic Design References

11.11 Th


[9]...... 11.16 Tu

  Individual Lab
11.18 Th   Project Stage II Presentation

[10]..... 11.23 Tu

11.25 Th

[11]..... 11.30 Tu

12.02 Th

Dead Week: Final Production | Individual Team Meetings
BraingTag 1pm MetaDome 1:40pm Cortical Fusion 2:20pm

Dead Week: Final Production
| Individual Team Meetings
Cortical Fusion 1pm BraingTag 1:40pm MetaDome 2:20pm

[12]..... 12.07 Tu
BrainTag | BrainTag is API that demonstrates the power and usefulness of a portable EEG system. BrainTag harvests a user's emotional data to provide richer experiences from the most popular internet applications

Cortical Fusion | Cortical Fusion is a multi-environment art installation exploring cross-sensory associations across populations, featured in 5 spaces

MetaDome | Metadome is envisioned as a torus-shaped structure that hosts a variety of interactive, metamaterial content