MAT 594CP Open Projects in Optical/Motion-Computational Processes

George Legrady

Elings Hall, lab 2611, CNSI Building 2nd floor - Wednesday: 2pm/6pm

Course Description

M594CP is a student defined research projects course focused on optical, or any other imaging/sensing device interfaced with a computer such as anamorphs, experiments in multiple exposure, spatial & virtual exploration, distance/presence, reflection and penetration (x-ray, infrared, etc.), medical (MRI, PET), and astronomy, cameras that function as sensors, recording, and vision devices.

Workload consists of project proposal with research focus worked out with the instructor, realization, presentation of work-in-progress through the quarter, followed by an online documentation that describes the research and results.

[4.04]...... Course Overview

Proposal & Schedules (Quarter schedules )

2:00 Javier Villegas
2:30 Andres Burbano
3:00 Qian Liu
3:30 Joshua Dickinson
4:30 Marco Pinter

[4.18]...... Group: Project Proposal & Schedule Presentations

Javier Villegas Schedule Picture
Andres Burbano Schedule Picture
Qian Liu Schedule Picture
Marco Pinter

Individual meetings

[5.02]...... Individual meetings

Group: Project Proposal & Schedule Presentations

[5.16]...... Individual meetings

Group: Project Proposal & Schedule Presentations

[5.30]...... Individual work

[6.06]...... Dead week Individual meetings TBD

Final Presentation

Grading Participation and Literature Review 30%
Completion of project 30%
Research Value 10%
OnLine final webpage 30%

The course is designed to acommodate both beginning and advanced students. All students will be expected to perform at the level of their expertise.