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Master of Science

The Master of Science (MS) program provides advanced training in Media Arts and Technology. The masters program typically takes two full-time academic years to complete. The goal of the first year of MAT's intensive interdisciplinary curriculum is to provide a common foundation of aesthetics, history, and technology in the core areas of electronic music and sound design, visual and spatial arts, and multimedia engineering.

The second-year electives allow students to focus on their area of research. All candidates are expected to complete an advanced project or thesis in the second year. The project option involves artistic production and/or media research supervised by MAT faculty. The thesis option involves the writing of an extended research paper.

Unit Requirements

In addition to the submission of an acceptable thesis or project, the MS degree requires completion of a minimum of 60 units, of which at least 48 units is upper-division (100-series undergraduate) or graduate coursework. The 48 units cannot include individual-study-related units such as: project or thesis preparation (598), teaching assistant duties (502), graduate student researcher (596), internships (293), and independent study (299).

Required Courses

Students in the first year of the program must take two parallel course sequences in Media Arts and Technology, designated MAT 200 and MAT 201. These courses focus on the history, theory, and practice of media arts and technology, and are designed to ensure breadth in the field:

MAT 200A  -  Art and Technology
MAT 200B  -  Music and Technology
MAT 200C  -  Digital Media Technology and Engineering
MAT 201A  -  Media Signal Processing
MAT 201B  -  Computing with Media Data

Degree Requirements

Each student's area of emphasis and course list is determined in consultation with a MAT faculty committee, consisting of three UC ladder-rank faculty members (i.e., Assistant, Associate, or full Professor). Two of these members, including the chair of the committee, must be MAT faculty. Optionally, a fourth member can also serve at the discretion of the degree committee chair. This person can be a Lecturer or anyone from inside or outside UCSB. The committee is nominated by the degree committee chair in consultation with the student and is approved by the graduate dean.

Thesis or Project Plan

A master's degree may be earned in each of the three areas of emphasis according to two plans; thesis or project.