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"Control": Experimental Touchscreen Interfaces for iOS and Android

Charlie Roberts - PhD student, Media Arts and Technology


Sample DJ interface that
is included with Control

Control enables users to create their own touchscreen interfaces for controlling musical, artistic and virtual reality applications on devices running either the iOS or Android operating system. Although there are many existing applications for this purpose, Control was created with several specific features to promote experimental research in digital arts practice.

Control has been downloaded over 20,000 times by users around the world who have been using it for a variety of tasks. As one example, the Pellegrini Space-Time Keyboard is a custom interface created by Roger Pellegrini. It allows users to transmit continuous pitchbend information as they move their fingers on the x-axis of the screen. In the video below Roger is using it to control a particularly massive wall of modular synths.

For more information, visit the Control website.

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