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new works

May 2016

Modulude, version 1 (2016)

Still life (2016) Curtis Roads and Stephan Kaske

Then (2016)

Always (2013)

Epicurus (2010)


Never (2010) in three parts: NeverNever, NeverAgain, NeverMore


Touche pas (dedicated to Morton Subotnick) (2009)


Bubble chamber (in progress)

Nuage gris (in progress)

past works


Electronic Music 1999-2003 CD + DVD

Asphodel ASP 3000

Program notes in English and French

CD audio content

Now (2003) electronic sound. Premiered 1 May 2004 at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Now (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Nanomorphosis (2003) electronic sound. Premiered 2 November 2003 at the Planetarium, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris, France.

Nanomorphosis (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Pictor alpha (2003) electronic sound. Premiered April 2003 at All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands, UK.

Pictor Alpha (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Fluxon (2002) electronic sound. Premiered April 2003 at All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands, UK.

Fluxon (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Sculptor (2001) electronic sound. Based on acoustic material provided by John McEntire of Tortoise. Premiered 14 September 2001, Olhares de Autono Festival, Auditorio Ilidio Pinho, Portugese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal.

Sculptor (2001) Excerpt.mp3

Volt air (2001-2003) electronic sound. In four parts. First part premiered 19 May 2001, concert with Autechre, El Rey Theater, Los Angeles.

Volt Air, Part I (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Volt Air, Part II (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Volt Air, Part III (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Volt Air, Part IV (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Eleventh vortex (2000-2001) electronic sound. Premiered 24 February 2001, Engine 27, New York City.

Eleventh Vortex (2001) Excerpt.mp3

Tenth vortex  (2000) electronic sound. Premiered 24 February 2001, Engine 27, New York City.

Tenth Vortex (2003) Excerpt.mp3

Half-life (1998-1999) electronic sound. In memorium Ivan Tcherepnin. Premiered May 1998, Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne.

Half-Life, Part I_ Sonal Atoms (1999) Excerpt.mp3

Half-Life, Part II_ Granules (1999) Excerpt.mp3

CD text content (PDF files)

Origins of granular synthesis: the Prototype study

Visualizing Pictor alpha

Interview with Curtis Roads

The path to Half-life

Score of Half-life, part I: Sonal atoms, realized by James Ingram

DVD contents

Sculptor with video by Brian O’Reilly

Half-life, parts I and II with video by Brian O’Reilly

Volt air, parts I-IV I with video by Brian O’Reilly

Fluxon with video by Brian O’Reilly

Pictor alpha with video by Brian O’Reilly

Nanomorphosis with video by Brian O’Reilly

Sonal atoms with visualization by Woon Seung Yeo

Pictor alpha with visualization by Garry Kling

Audio lecture by Curtis Roads at Stanford University

Historical example of granular synthesis: Prototype (1975)

Asphodel Ltd, 763 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California 94103 USA,

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Clang-Tint (1991-1994)

Based on the sounds of ancient instruments and computer-generated sounds.

Commissioned by the Japan Ministry of Culture and the Kunitachi College of Music. Premiere April 1994, Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo. First movement Purity appears on CCMIX: New Electroacoustic Music from Paris, Mode Records 98/99

I Purity excerpt.mp3

II Organic excerpt.mp3

III Filth excerpt.mp3

Field  (1981, revised 1985)

Electronic sound. Realized at the Experimental Music Studio, MIT, Cambridge, and at Century III Studio, Boston. Commissioned by the Council for the Arts at MIT. Premiered December 1981, Auditorium, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Park Square, Boston, Massachusetts. CD edition Digital Rewind, MIT Media Laboratory.

nscor  (1980, revised 1986)

Electronic sounds. Composition realized at the Center for Music Experiment (La Jolla), Institut voor Sonologie (Utrecht), Structured Sound Synthesis Project (Toronto), and the MIT Experimental Music Studio (Cambridge). Premiered October 1980, Musei Civici, Varese, Italy. CD edition New Computer Music, Wergo 2010-50.