1993, Flora Peninsularis

  1992, Globus Oculi

Interactive art

Jean-Louis Boissier has produced a work which shows us on the screen, simply by clicking with the mouse as we read, the female characters from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions.

1993, Flora petrinsularis

"This installation is an association between a real book and a virtual book, offering several different levels of reading. The computer reads the page at which the real book is open. It contains extracts from the Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and a herbarium of flowers from the actual sites where Rousseau collected his specimens. For each quotation there is an interactive illustration in the virtual book, centered on a person in a brief love scene. For each flower, there is a memory of the place where it was picked and its metamorphosis into an image."


1992, Globus Oculi

This installation is an essay and a manual, on the figures or the hypermedia and an art when it is still child's play. The rotation or the sphere which commands the movements of the cursor on the screen is assimilated with the movements or an eyeball. In ten interactive tableaux, it deals with the relations between sight and touch and different registers of designation: gesture, sign or language.