1988-1992, La Plume and Je seme a tout vent
by Couchot, Bret, Tramus
  1990, Tecauto, by Michel Bret

1988-1992, La Plume and Je seme a tout vent,
by Couchot+Bret+Tramus

In interactive art, the access processes must be simple. This is the case, for example, in the fine work by Edmond Couchot in which an oscilloscope is connected to a computer. The visitor may blow into a tiny hole and see dandelion seeds on the screen float away according to the force of the breath. Anyone can participate, either by blowing or by watching the effects produced when others do the blowing.
"This project associates the image with something extremely corporeal, something very tangible - human breath, The interest of this device is to plunge not only the creator, the artist, but also the viewer, into an intermediate zone located precisely at the interface of the real - the breath is real - and the virtual. The image is the product of calculations of exterior parameters.


1990, Tecauto, by Michel Bret

Although its forms and attitudes are inspired by human beings, the figure here is built and acts according to laws of a nature which is not ours - a pure fiction built into the software.