Urban Hotspots



Satellite view of the Earth by night


Bernard Tshumi-Parc de la Villette
Network communications, data streaming, and many other related technologies brought people all around the world closer to each other.

Public phones can be considered as one of the ancient urban hotspots that worked as a communication media betwen people all around the world.

With the high commercialization of cell phones, and the internet being available to all, public phones became quite useless, exept for us being used to visually refer to them in our urban and spatial environment.

New Technologies allow us to virtually be everywhere, exept that it happens most of the time while sitting in front of a computer screen.

Project X is a proposal for new urban hotspots, replacing the older streets' public phone booths, and scattered all around the world.

People all over the globe can interact with each other while viewing and listening to their correspondant's environment

Project X Proposal:
Conceptual Item
Schematic View (final scheme to come)
How does project X work?

Project X is a public booth allowing its users to virtually travel and meet people around the globe via satellite data transmissions.
The User steps in a metallic spherical space, where all there is to see is the space,a data screen, and a seat.
You start by choosing the location you'd like to visit, connect, and if you're lucky you might meet a different user at the location specified. The environment you selected is projected in a three dimensional visual and auditive way into the spherical space (rf. La Geode), via an intensive system of cameras mounted on your server's cap booth.
The screen is an interface allowing you to enter data location and communicate with the person present in your server's booth.