• Definition of main concepts behind MetaMesh

Social networks in online environments are becoming more popular each day as their utilization is evolving from dating and hobby hookups to more elaborate pursuits like creating business connections. In this respect, folksonomy (short for folk taxonomy) is a natural expanding of social networking, which consists of collaboratively generated labels that categorize content. The labels are commonly known as tags and the labeling process is called tagging. Web sites like Flickr which allow users to tag photographs, which allow users to tag web pages, and 43things which allow users to adopt tags shared by other users proved the usefulness and engaging quality of folksonomies.

Meta Mesh implements a similar folksonomic network while exploiting possibilities offered by ad-hoc networking. Ad-hoc networking generally refers to wireless networks with mobile routers which organize themselves dynamically according to the motion of nodes over time. Topology of the network is assumed to be unpredictable and arbitrary. Hybrid networks consisting of both static and mobile nodes are proposed to ensure connectivity within such networks. Therefore, current research focuses on standardizing IP routing protocols suitable for wireless routing application within both static and dynamic topologies. These methods strictly relate to the study of statistical analysis of random graphs.


  • Examples of prior work, which relate to Meta Mesh
Artistic Works
Umbrella Net is an experimental platform for developing ad-hoc networks based around coincidence or chance occurrences.
Inside/Outside examines how the ordinary network-enabled handbag, can provide new insights into what we carry, collect, and make sense of our world.
AIR :: Area's Immediate Reading is a public, social experiment where people wear portable air monitoring device to map fossil fuel burning hotspots.
Pacmanhattan is a large-scale urban game that utilizes the New York City grid and players carrying cellphones to recreate video game Pac-Man.
Familiar Stranger explores our often ignored yet real relationships with Familiar Strangers.
Academic Research
MANET is a working group on Mobile Ad-hoc Networking.
Social Tagging and Self-Tagging for Impression Management The project shows that 79% of participants choose to tag themselves and 49% tagged others.
Business Implementations
LegoLand Child Tracking uses RFID chips to track children around the LegoLand property.
Medical Systems Asset Tracking uses RFID to track the location of medical equipment as it is dispersed through a hospital.
Car Tracking uses local area proximity networks to track the location of cars.
RFID used to track fake Viagra
Hitachi RFID Tag to Track Building Occupants
43 Things A web-based social software application, which allows users to build folksomic affinity networks.