How can I visualize Music Data?

Music contains a variety of characteristic such as amplitude, frequency, beat, loudness and etc. To visualize these data, people use audio spectrum. This data representation will be useful for those people who understand this spectrum like music technician. However, how about those people who don't have much knowledge about technical part of music and just enjoy listening music? How about those people who can't listen, and want to see music? Is this visualization helpful?

Motive of my project

Many people listen music not because they want to know about the music data such as frequency, amplitude, beat and other but they listen music because they want to enjoy the rhythm and feel emotion such as happy, sad, fun and other.

I want to visualize the music data to let people enjoy it with their eyes. I can't say that my drawing will give the exact same feeling and impression of the real music. However since these drawing scale, color and shape are based on the music data, hopefully the user will have a similar feeling about the music



  • Echo Nest - This is a web site which analyzes audio (e.g. aif, wav, mp3, m4a), and generates an XML file. This XML file describes the musical and structural content of the music such as loudness, duation of music, timbre and etc.
  • Processing - a java program which visulize these data

  • List of Data which I use from the XML file and usage of datas


  • segments(short sound entity somewhat timbrally and harmonically uniform) - x axis
  • loudness of each segement - y axis
  • duration of each segment - z zxis, size of a particle
  • segments index - display as text
  • loudness(begin, middle and end) - RGB values of a particle
  • amplitude - stroke weight of line and size for circles(width and height)

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