MAT259 Visualizing Information(4 units)

2008 Final Projects

Checkout Durations 3D Visualizations : This project visualizes the Seattle Public Library checkin data for the month of November in 2007. It is an interactive 3D model that allows the user to navigate through the data and view it from different perspectives. | Melissa Carrasco

Analysis of SPL's checkout items in 2007 : I am analyzing the data from Seattle Public Library. Basically I am keeping track of the the total items that people checkedout over entire year of 2007 and separate these checkout items into books & media category. After I have the checkout amount for these two categories over the entire 2007 year, I create my visualization in 3D & also add some animation along with my visualization. | YungTing Chuang

Music Visualizer : People listen to music and experience different feelings, comparable to those when people observe a painting. Since my emphasis at MAT is Visual and Spatial Arts, I would like to try to find a way to visualize music, as if it was a painting. | Jeungah Kim

Dewey Trends : Dewey Trends is an interactive visualization tool for examining and comparing checkout patterns of Dewey subjects. | Michael McDaniel