squarified treemap for September, 2008
Matt Hubert

For Project 2, I wanted to see the popularity of different Dewey Decimal categories change over time, visualized in two dimensions.

Each major color represents a major category (100s, 200s, et cetera), with the overall size representing the popularity of that major category. Within each category, the minor categories (741, 782) are represented by a smaller square, colored similarly to the major category. The alpha value of each smaller square changes based on the last two digits of the category. Rolling over each square will show the category.

The treemap is a way of representing data in a two dimensional space, and the squarified version of it tries to make the objects as square as possible. The implementation I'm using does not always find the optimal solution for placing the squares, and therefore some of the rectangles get smaller and smaller without changing orientation. (Chaning orientation is the algorithm's technique for making things as square as possible.)

This project turned out very similar to my original sketch, except for the ability to blow up individual categories. I did not have enough time to implement it.

The applet:

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keyboard controls

left arrow
previous day

right arrow
next day

mouse over
show category

toggle animation

toggle glow

Source code: Project2 Rect Transaction TransactionUtils

Built with Processing