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metadome Space

Located along side a jetty within the Yeosu harbor, metadome provides visitors with a unique setting in which to experience the wonder of metamaterials. Upon entering metadome, visitors may choose to walk along a seismic pathway that leads around the base of the toroid structure. When occupied, two locations along the path trigger the seismic generator, the effects of which are dampened when standing elsewhere on the path. Visitors may choose to place object within the stream running beside the pathway to observe their negative refraction. Directly opposite the entrance is the superlens station. Objects placed under the superlens microscope are projected on the curvacious wall above. This lower quarter of wall space is cloaked with an acoustic metamaterial used to deafen sound, such that the back half of metadome is effectively a silent space. A ramp to the left of the entrance provides an opportunity to observe the space from an alternate perspective. At its height, 6 meters, those on the ramp can observe the smart glass ceiling up close. Ground level occupants might percieve those on the ramp as floating due to the ramp's invisibility cloak.




The images below provide a spatial layout of the following metadome components:

  • smart glass ceiling
  • negative refraction stream
  • invisibility-cloaked ramp
  • deaf wall
  • superlens station
  • seismic-cloaked pathway
  • trigger points for seimsic generator

Plan View

Left View

Right View

Sky View

Superlens Station View