MAT 594CP Open Projects in Optical/Motion-Computational Processes

Javier Villegas

Elings Hall, lab 2611, CNSI Building 2nd floor - Wednesday: 2pm/6pm
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Project Title

Key Words
Mapping Exploration on Video Signals.

Analysis/synthesis ; Figurative Computer art, Video effect.

Presentation 1
Analysis-synthesis techniques had been adopted as standard tool for creative manipulation of signals in music processing. However, little effort has been done in the exploration of similar approaches to manipulate video signals.
Through this quarter I will design different mapping alternatives of video signals, using analysis and synthesis techniques. The goal will be to evaluate these new mappings together with some others I had developed, to identify the ones that have potential to become a real time interactive video installation (at least one).

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Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Final Presentation Description.