MAT 594CP Open Projects in Optical/Motion-Computational Processes

Reza Ali

Elings Hall, lab 2611, CNSI Building 2nd floor - Wednesday: 2pm/6pm
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Project Title

Key Words
Multi-User Interactions for Large-Scale Interactive Systems

Key Words

Presentation 1
Art is valuable to human beings by virtue of being made by other human beings, and the question of finding more efficient modes than those which characterize human performance simply does not arise.
Harold Cohen.

Rhetorical Questions

- How do you create an art piece composed by its viewers or audience?
- How do you design an art work that utilizes audience participation to influence or create the work itself?
- How do you connect a large scale art installation to its viewers wirelessly and make it personal?
- How can the viewers of an art installation change the art piece in a collaborative manner?
- How do you direct multi-user interaction with an art installation using mobile technology as the interface for interaction?
- How do you design an art piece with multiple actors influencing/composing the outcome?
- How do you make art that needs audience participation as a source of life to make the art alive?
- How do you engage with audience members during a performance?

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