Force Fields

When all the frames are processed independently the resultant video has a characteristical flickering appearance due to the sudden disappearance of synthetic objects (points in the previous example); the creation of new ones; and the abrupt change on position of others.

Although these videos had their own aesthetical identity, an important part of this work is the search for algorithm with intrinsic continuity.

To avoid the flickering in the result, the analysis of each frame was not used to determine the absolute position of the synthesis objects but its behavior





The data extracted from the input sequence is used to generate a force field in where the synthetic objects are immersed. Two examples are shown next:


The Strategy selected for real time implementation was to use the force field to affect the nodes of a grid of elastic lines. The nodes on the grid are affected by tension between neighbors, attenuation by friction, and the external forces provided by the input image gradient. The next two videos show two realizations of the grid with different set up