Analysis and Synthesis on videos

Meshflow and the other explorations made during the quarter are part of a set of visual experiments designed to illustrate the potential of analysis - synthesis (A/S) techniques on video signals. Different mapping explorations can be seen through this link.

A general diagram on A/S scheme is shown in the following figure:



  1. Input sequence
  2. The image is analyzed to extract specific information.
  3. The type of analysis is determined by the model assumed.
  4. A set of features are extracted and used in the synthesis.
  5. The synthesis can be manipulated with external parameters.
The whole A/S process is illustrated with an example:
Input Image ini  
Features extracted in the synthesis stage (point coordinates)

Synthesis #1

Starting at a random position the points are joined with a "closest free point" rule


Synthesis #2

A different rule to join the points


Synthesis #3

Smoothing the path of synthesis #1


Synthesis #4

Smoothing the path of synthesis #2