MeshFlow is a video interactive installation that explores the possibilities of a virtual square mesh immersed in a field of forces. Some of the forces are internal, but others are calculated from an external image captured by a webcam.

This work is part of a larger research on the possibilities of analysis and synthesis techniques applied over video signals and as a partial result, it is presented as the final project to the Open Projects in Optical/Motion-Computational Processes .

Meshflow is an exploration on the human perception, a set of points with almost no other property than its position on the screen evolves continuously following physic laws and morphing into the image of the spectator. A semi-liquid, clothe-like version of the viewer fills on the screen, giving a feeling of three dimensions. The look and feel of this application was inspired on the abstract works on grids by Marius Watz .

The next section explains the analysis and synthesis approach using an example. Then the field forces strategy that was used in the present work is elaborated, and in the end the final results as they were shown on the "End of the year show 2010" results are presented.