The installation was build using C++, OpenCV for the image processing and capture, OpenGL for the output graphics. It was created with 3 different operation modes. What is changed on each one of the modes is the balance between the different forces that in a whole create the force field.

A physical informed maraca synthesis algorithm was used to sonorize the mesh. The algorithm is driven by the differences between consecutive frames on the position of the nodes of the grid.

Text information is given to the viewer to indicate in which one of the 3 modes is the system operating. The 3 modes were called (from the more rigid to the more elastic): stif, casual and fragile. The following video illustrates the three modes of the system.



The installation was presented on the "End of the year show - Something you don't know" and it was very well received by the audience. Most of the people found it engaging and expend some time playing in front of the camera and taking pictures of their transformed image.

Following is a video and some pictures taking during the exhibition.


ima 4



ima 5