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MAT 259: 2D Spatial Visualization
Zachary M. Rubin

The graphic above is a visualization of Seattle Public Library data from Janurary 8, 2009. Each Circle represents a different item label corresponding to the SPL catagorization scheme, similar colors represent similar item format. The size of each circle is porportional to the logarithm of the number of items which were checked out in that particular category. Placement along the the X axis is determined by the average duration for which each item is checked out, placement along the Y axis is determined by the weekday on which items in this category are most commonly checked out. Item types which occur in this dataset are shown (in color) towards the bottom left of the screen, mousing over one of these isolates the particular data format in the visualization, clicking anywhere on the screen restores the entire dataset. Click and drag along the X or Y axis to scale accordingly. Source code: ZR_proj1_web DataParseCalculate HScrollbar Integrator Item ItemListing Keyboard Transaction TransactionUtils plottingFunctions

Built with Processing