MAT 259 - 2011W

Patrick Rudolph | 3D Pentagon TreeMaps


For the second project, I tried to explore a different way of using treemaps. I choose to develop a 3D environment with five treemaps arranged in a circle forming a pentagon. Each treemap shows the number of books checked out for the ten main Dewey classes, while all the treemaps are showing different data based on words within the subject of the book ("USA", "China", "Mexico", "Germany" and "Africa"). Furthermore its possible to interact: rotate the scene to show a different treemap, drill-down/zoom-in to a more detailed view, select/deselect Dewey classes to be shown, ..

In order to aquire the data, I just extracted the total number of check-outs (2005-2011) for each Dewey class from the database and saved them to a text file. Due to performance reasons, this whole step of optaining the data has been done previous to the execution of the main program. During runtime the text files are loaded and fill the data structures for the creation of the treemaps. All these files can be found within the data folder of the source code.

This project was realized using Processing.

Project #2 source code

Project Evolution

First version with overall dark theme.

Second version with overall light theme and smaller control bar.

Final visualization with increased functionality and style tweaks.

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Source code: Project2 BoundsIntegrator CountryMap DeweyL1 DeweyL2