MAT 259
Qian Liu


3D Interactive Visualization

This project approaches the Seattle Public Library data in a new way. Instead of compare the data between books, this project shows a single book's activity over time. From 2006 to 2010, each time there is a transaction about a book, the system draws a line between the check-out date and the check-in date. The darker side of the line represents the check-out date and the brighter side represents the check-in date. The weight of the line is related to the duration. The weight of the line is related to the duration. The longer the duration is, the thicker the line should be.

Start From Doodles

Initial Doodle

This project uses controlP5 to interact. There are 10 books in the data base, some of them are very active through the whole 5 years whereas others are less active or only be active in a period of time. Each time, the system assigns random color to the books, each color represents one book. The lines colors correspond to the button color on the control panel.


Final Visual
Time Spiral with control panell:

Single book display:

Single book display without time grid:

Multiply books display side view:

Multiply books display:

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