Slice (Crimson)
Slice (Blue)
Slice (Violet)
Slice (Sea Green)

Slice, 2011
Custom software animation, Apple 8G RAM, 2 projectors (Panasonic PT-DZ6710U or equivalent) or 2 HD 60" or larger screens, dimensions variable

Slice is a software-generated animation that slices an image in half and proceeds to slice each new sections until the original image is reduced to an abstraction that is not photographically recognizable. Once it reaches this state of abstraction, the slices double in size eventually returning to a full but different image. This artwork explores the transition from one state to another - from a state of legibility when one recognizes photographic detail to a state of illegibility when the slices are so thin that the image is an abstraction.

The sequence consists of a selection of eight images from the Refraction lenticular series on the left, with tinted composites on the right. Each of the eight are color coded with one of four colors. This results in a situation where the viewer perceives color changes with every second image. Transitions between images of same color are not as readily noticeable, shifting the viewer's expectation that change is taking place.


[Click for 2 screen color video] [Click for 1 screen Black/White video]

[Click here for early still studies]

A George Legrady project, with software development by Yun Teng.