Slippery Traces

Demonstration of the hotspot links of one of the 23 chapters (THE JUMP) in the database

Chinese Ballet Red
Gestures, hand, plant, face, dance

Chinese Ballet Snow
Reaching out, jump, kick, snow, noise, head

Diving Pig
Ralph doing his swine dive, in air, rock, water, nature

Girl and Dolphin
Kissing, legs, fish, comment, touch, skin, water

Girl jumping for Ball
Reach, high, legs, jump, pattern, ball, male, female

Man Diving off Canoe
Water, boat, ass, in air, floating, fast

Man Diving off Cliff
High, rocks, dive, watching, danger, clouds, float

Pool with Diver
Palm, Jump, High, Watching, chair, beach

Row of Women Skiing
Colorful, fast, water, beach, dance, women

Sailor Feeding Dolphin
Jump, fish, sailor, reach, palm, water

Underwater with Balloon
Under, through, holding, dance, looking, ball

Water Ski Extravagance
Colorful, in formation, water, canal, nature