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No matter how large or how small, every gift makes a difference!

Your gift may help to support Graduate Student Researchers, Postdoctoral Researchers, and much needed equipment within our lab facilities. You may specify how you would like the donated funds to be used.

To make a direct donation to the AlloSphere, via the UCSB's Office of Development, Please click on the following link:

UCSB's Office of Development - AlloSphere

Giving Opportunities

There are numerous philanthropic giving options available to benefit the research and education missions of the AlloSphere. For a major donor there is the opportunity to name the facility and be recognized for your generous support.

It is also possible to invest in the scientific and artistic efforts of the AlloSphere Research Facility by making a one-time or ongoing tax-deductible donation. Gifts of equipment or software are also welcomed and greatly appreciated.

For more information on scheduling an onsite/virtual meeting to discuss giving options, please directly contact Dr. Kuchera-Morin, the director of the AlloSphere Research Facility. Please contact the AlloSphere team at (805) 893-3010 or directly to

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact John Lofthus, Assistant Dean of Development, Graduate Initiatives. Please contact us at (805) 893-2190 or directly to

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Supporting a Student Researcher

Support for top graduate students is crucial to facilitate the research agenda of the AlloSphere. Typically it is the team of graduate students who take the scientific and technical data and work creatively with the involved faculty member or corporate representative to prepare the data for display in 3D. Extramural grant funding is often available to assist engineering and science students; financial support is typically less available for artists, musicians, and students enrolled in multidisciplinary programs like Media Arts and Technology. Please consider a contribution directed to graduate student support.

For more information on giving opportunities directly impacting a students academic life, please contact Dr. Kuchera-Morin, the director of the AlloSphere Research Facility. Please contact our team at (805) 893-3010 or directly to

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