MAT251 01F
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Instructor: George Legrady
TA: Andreas Schlegel

Monday 5-9pm - Estudio

Introduction to TrackthemColors

"To experience space is to engage with it through one's presence, to possess it by being immersed in it, in the way one possesses space when inside a room, in a park or on the streets. In the process of interacting with the digital world, we can consider real space as the site where our bodies come into contact with the technological devices by which we experience virtual space." (lefevbre: The Production of Space)

Information design and interactive media installation production are brought together in this course through the implementation of camera motion sensing as a means of controlling data selection of images and sounds. Real-space interactivity interface will consist of using a video camera to track the movement of people in a space. The motion tracking information is then used to control digital visual and sound events, for instance changing images in some way such as controlling video frames, 3D visualization, or producing algorithm based data. In addition to the images, there will also be a focus on controlling and generating sounds in a 6 channel system using Protools.

In addition to the technical introduction, the course will closely look at the meaning of interactivity in installations and take into consideration the social dynamics of audience movement and public space. Students will conceptualize and produce a project while learning the technical skills. The task will be to create a work that will be "event" based and successfully integrate sound, text, image with the sensing of movement, or behavior of people in a public space. The expectation is for the work to have interactive, poetic, narrative, formal resolution through technically innovative solutions and hopefully some cultural meaning.

Team Based Production Projects will result from small teams of artists, engineers and others from different disciplines working together to develop a concept that will engage aesthetic, conceptual, cultural and tech