A Sign From Above


On the Surface

In the Sky

Grand Finale

Here on Earth there will be a number of participation stations that serve as the control centers for the project. At each participation station there will be a kiosk setup with a terminal for entering the specific data associated with a request. A model of one such kiosk is shown below.

When a participant requests a sign, the system reports back to the participant that actual scheduled time and orientation in the sky that the sign will occur. For instance giving such information as the elevation and direction of the sign. The system in the sky (detailed here), will be capable of meeting the participants request within 5-10 minutes of the requested time.

When a sign occurs, it will look like a very bright moving star in the night sky. It will be more impressive than a typical shooting star because it will be almost as bright as the moon and more importantly it will be personally requested by the participants of the project.

Below are some images of similar phenomena and how they will look to the participants on the surface of the earth.