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Some other Applications for this kind of installation can be the following

Hospitals and health Care centers

This kind of installation can be installed in hospitals to enforce the non-use of cell phones in their premises. Disturbance caused by the ringing bells and beeps of cell phones is not the only reason that cell phones should not be allowed inside the hospitals, actually cell phone are transceivers -- transmitters and receivers -- and the "standard" cell phone has a 300-milliwatt transmitter. (Older phones run at 600 mW and even 900 mW -- but they are not the tiny pocket-sized phones that have become popular.) Cell phones are regularly checking in with the cell base station, so they transmit RF at unpredictable times. The hospital's concern is that medical equipment is not completely shielded against radio frequency interference. Effective power at the instrument is an inverse function relative to the square of the distance between the device and the instrument of concern. Also, commercial buildings have enough metal that the outside walls (and some interior walls) form an RF attenuator, further reducing the RF level at the medical instruments. Hospitals are concerned with the RF levels thrown off by laptop computers, which is why some of them forbid laptops in hospital rooms. If you want to use a laptop, you go to the waiting area which is a good distance from any operating medical equipment.


Public Libraries

Now-a-days, it's just a matter of education, good manners, and common sense. If you go to a beautiful place, it is because you want to enjoy nature. I can do it, but without disturbing other people. Nowadays, that's the biggest problem. People disturb other people, first with the ringing of their cell phones and then with their conversations because they usually speak very loudly. Not everybody in a public place should have to listen to private conversations. Even more annoying, you hear just one part of the conversation. This kind of installation can make that person conspicuous and make him conscious of his act.


Museums and art galleries

You are in a beautiful art gallery enjoying the art, maybe a piece of history, but suddenly the peace and quiet is interrupted by the noisy sound of a cell phone! Cell phones are everywhere, and some people don't know what the limits of cell phone use are. This kind of installation can be a good means of pinpointing them.