Arts 130 Digital Visual Culture

George Legrady

Tues, Thur 11:00am-12:15am - Arts 1340, Department of Art

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  Digital Visual Culture is an upper division course that examines the impact of digital technologies on the study of the image and potential applications for contemporary art. The course will introduce projects, methods, and resources representative of the impact of digital processes on artmaking and its reception in the visual, spatial, temporal, conceptual and cultural domains.

The course will discuss the following: The semiotic image; the computational image; time-narrative; space-structure & form; digital visual design; machine culture, robotics; space-time & interactivity; numbers, systems, procedures, data space and algorithms; bio-genetics, self-organizing systems; arts-science hybrid practices.

Courseload consists of lecture attendance, weekly topic reviews, a few small projects, attendance at selected visiting lectures, midterm test, and final exam.

arts 130 forum (http://www.mat.ucsb.edu/forum/viewforum.php?f=41)

[1]...... 09.23 Th

Look up

Course Introduction - An overview of Arts130

Image Overview | Technological Timeline | Campbell | The Interactive Image (Utterback) | Esper Machine

Select an artist or technique covered in the image overview link and write a descriptive or analytical comment to the forum page - include web links as your references

[2].......09.28 Tu

Look up
  The Components of the Digital Image

dpi, resolution, bits/byte, RGB, image processing, compression, noise, img size, etc.

09.30 Tu


  The Semiotic Image
Semiotics Basics | Fleetingness | 21c Hotel [museum]

Art & the Semiotics of Images (Dillon, U_Wash)

Select an image or topic discussed in the reading and write to the forum a desccriptive or analytic response

[3]...... 10.05 Th


Cultural Analysis Project: Family Snapshot, News, Advertising

Roland Barthes' "Rhetoric of the image" Download article | Panzani Ad | description | Notes | Lexicon

10.07 Th

Project I

Last Year's Hits
Project: Cultural Analysis

Select 2 engaging documentary non-art images that is of interest to you, one from your collection, another from the mainstream culture-at-large (from the news, medical, scientific, political, etc.) Submit your images to the forum with an analysis of each, placing the image on top, and describing each according to Barthes' 3 levels of interpretation.

Obama text video | Summer Heights text| Beautiful Teeth text | Tipalet Cigar text | Nokia Transformer text | Polaroid text |

[4]....... 10.12 Tu   Project I Presentation

10.14 Th

  The Digital Image
Eclouds | Frankencamera [1]
Ridley Scott [apple][] | Escalator | Train

Aesthetic Primitives

[5]...... 10.19 Tu

Project II

Methods of Classification | Metadata | XML | SPL | PFOM | Geneva

CLASSIFICATION SKETCH: The assignment deals with analysis and classification of images.
1. Select 5 to 15 digital images from anywhere (preferably found images)
2. Each image must have 4 classiication attributes in common with all the other images
3. Organize the images in a sequence according to another set of classification
4. Create a project page with title on top and your name
5. Assemble images in a web page, or a flickr account, or anywhere that has a URL address
6. Consider the group as a system: Describe the elements, and their relation to each other using any methods of organization (time, location, colors, volume, brightness, incremental, associative, a to b is b to c, etc.

10.21 Th
Schmid | Baldessari | Richter | Polke [1] | Simpson |

[6]...... 10.26 Tu

  Project II Presentation

10.28 Th
The mid-term is a review of topics covered in the course and this webpage

[7]...... 11.02 Tu

  CHRONOPHOTOGRAPHY: Photographic Image in Motion
Muybridge | Marey [1] [2]| Lumiere [train][1st films]
Art+COM [1] | Rokeby [1] | Motion-tracking | PhotoSynth [1][2] [UCSB]

Marey, the Analytic, and the digital

11.04 Th

Digital Images in time, sequence, motion-tracking, and computationally enhanced:
Anamorphosis [marci/zoltan [1]] | Waliczky | Moeller | Courschene

[8]...... 11.09 Tu

X-ray| Medical cameras | Sester | Fujihata [greebeam][2] | Shaw | Stelarc | Greenaway / Factum Arte | Oliasson |

Go online to Google and find artworks that use technology in the design/conceptual/production process. Afterwards go to Steve Wilson's site, and find projects that use advanced technologies. Select 5 in total to post at the Forum. Due on Tuesday, November 16.

11.11 Th

[9]...... 11.16 Tu

Electromagnetic Spectrum [more] | DNA Mapping | Alien Vision | Radiohead | neurovision | 3D NSF |

EXPAND THE VISION - The final project consists in you identifying a technology that expands our ability to see beyond the lens and to propose an artwork that explores its use. Such technologies are today used in industry, the medical world, astronomy, surveillance, marine biology, and other sciences. The goal of the project is to come up with an idea for an art project for a museum installation where the public can experience, interact, see, feel, sense something that takes us beyond our vision. The final project will consist of a project title, descriptions, technical detail (to show you understand the technology), and illustrations with web link references that proposes how the artwork uses such technologies.

11.18 Th

Algorithmic Imaging | LightField Imaging [1] | Imaging Radar | 3D Forensic Mapping |

Research shifts to industrial, scientific technologies. Present 3 to 5 technologies of potential interest

[10].... 11.23 Tu


A Preliminary idea sent to me as to what you may propose. Include brief description and links of technologies and possible examples of artworks of how yours might look like.
11.25 Th

[11].....11.30 Tu   Dead Week: Phelps 1530 10-12:30 | Lab & Individual Team Meetings
12.02 Th Dead Week: Pehlps 1518 10-12:30 | Lab & Individual Team Meetings

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