Data Visualization Workshop

HEAD Geneva

Instructor: George Legrady
November 22-26, 2010

    20000 books, movies and cds are checked out each day at the Seattle Public Library. Beginning in September 2005, and continuing until 2014, we are receiving this amazing data every hour, approximately 50 million transactions to-date. This is a rich and ideal resource to explore how to visualize such abstract data giving it a form through the language of programming and visual design. This 5 day lecture and lab workshop will focus on the study of how to visualize this data from the Seattle Public library.

Stanislas Bernatt
  Diagram Book | video

Matthieu Cherubini
5 year Media Trends Change History Image | code | data (6.3MB)

Leila Jacquet Linking Through Keywords | image | code

Ellwood Spafford   How many articles borrowed for how long | code | data (51MB!!)

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