Research Labs

Research and creative work at the Media Arts and Technology Program spans a wide range of topics, projects, and laboratories. Areas of interest include the following:

  • Electronic music and sound design - Computer music and algorithmic composition; computer generated music; human-computer cooperation in music; design and synthesis of new sounds; sonic diffusion; 3D spatial sound.
  • Interactive art - Interactive art installations; generative and algorithmic art; immersive art environments; computational photography. Aesthetic research through the implementation of complex technologies for new forms of content, narratives, experiences and analysis.
  • Visualization - Scientific, information, and algorithmic visualization of complex, high-dimensional data; immersive visualization environments; applications in science, design, entertainment, and art.
  • Transarchitectures, transvergence, worldmaking, immersive cinema, spatial narrative, digital performance algorithmic fabrication, objective beauty, myth and media, philosophy of media arts and architectures, THEMAS ( (research and pedagogy framework advancing beyond STEM/STEAM model, to include Technologies/Humanities, Engineering/Mathematics, Arts/Sciences).
  • Multimedia signal processing.
  • Human-computer interaction.
  • Multimedia systems.
  • Robotics.