Student Projects

Fantastic Shredder, 2018

Weidi Zhang, PhD student

Project Description

Fantastic Shredder is a Virtual Reality experience simulating the mechanism behind a paper shredder and reconstructing the shreds of Chinese 1980's posters based on fragmented Chinese characters. In the 1980's, China began to implement economic reform, and opened up policies that produced modern commercial posters that took on a new face with a surreal and saturated representation of daily objects. In this art project, hundreds of 1980's posters are collected as raw visual data, processed digitally, and translated from 2d imagery to 3d animated models. Spatial narrative is created by fusing aspects of algorithmic behaviors of objects, symbolic visual information, aesthetic expressions of machine, experimental sound, and interaction between immersive and the virtual space. This project addresses William S. Burrough’s ‘Cut-up technique’ with contemporary approaches. It results in a state of disequilibrium that engages narratives, which can be interpreted as an immersed dialogue between reproduction of semiotics and machine.