For Current Students

Example Masters and PhD Thesis Outline

Below is an example outline of a Masters and PhD degree thesis.



  • A one page description of the project / research.


  • List of people to thank.

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Problem Statement

    Description of what the general research focus is, and what the issues are that are being addressed.

  • 1.2 Relevance of the Research

    How will the work contribute to the current body of knowledge, and how does it address interdisciplinarity.

2. Literature Review

Review the state of the field, discuss the main directions, and other related work, and where the research fits in and diverges with your work.

3. Methods

Discuss how the problem is to be addressed.

4. Results

How the paper and research express the methods.

5. Evaluation and Assessment

How the paper and research express the methods.

6. Future Work

7. Conclusion

Discuss results. Generally brief.

8. Bibliography

The bibliography supports the literature review, and the research.

Appendix (glossary)