For Current Students

Dissertation or Masters Project Outline



A one page description of the project / research.


List of people to thank.

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Problem Statement

    Description of the general research focus and the issues are that are being addressed.

    What problem will this research remedy?

  • 1.2 Relevance of the Research

    How will the work contribute to the current body of knowledge?

    What is novel about your approach?

    How does it address interdisciplinarity?

2. Literature Review

Review the state of the field and related work, and where your research fits in.

3. Methods

Discuss the methods used to address the problem.

Describe your experiments.

4. Results

Report the results of your experiments.

5. Evaluation and Assessment

Apply your chosen method of evaluation (self-assessment, user study, etc.).

What is the significance of the results?

Why is this research important?

6. Future Work

Discuss how this research could be developed further by you or someone else.

7. Conclusion

Summarize how the issues stated in the Problem Statement were addressed.

8. References

The references support the literature review and the research.


This optional section can include a glossary, code, mathematics, data, examples, etc., anything that would clutter up the central part of the document.