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  2024 Fall AI, Image & Fiber Synthesis, Solo exhibition, Nan Rae Gallery, Woodbury University, Burbank
  2024 Winter Anamorph-Lattice, in an exhibtion curated by Dominique Moulon, Alain Thibault, and Catherine Bédard at the Canada Cultural Centre, Paris
  2023 Fall Abstraction Studies, Solo exhibition, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto
  2023 Summer Abstraction Studies, in "A kind of Alchemy: The Work of Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence", a virtual online exhibition curated by Francesca ALbrezzi and Emily Lawhead, for the DAHJ Gallery, Munich
  2023 Spring Let's Talk about Archiving Interview by Alejandro Quinones Roa for the "Archive of Digital Art", Center for Image Science, Donau University, Krems, Austria
  2023 Spring Making Waves A report on the "Phantom Waves" installation at UC Santa Barbara by Debra Herrick, UCSB Press
  2023 Spring Voice of Sisyphus installation in "Topologies of the Real" curated by Zhang Ga, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, China
  2023 Winter How a Digital Artwork Helped The Seattle Public LIbrary lead in Book Data by Eliza Murray, Communications, Seattle Public Library
  2023 Winter Intersections of Visual Semiotics and Computation Design, Keynote Lecture on Generative AI, Université de Liège, Belgium
  2022 Fall Phantom Waves installed at Elings Hall, California NanoSystems Institute
  2021 Fall Avec George Legrady, archéologies à l’ère numérique, Revue Proteus 17, Cahiers des théories de l'art, Gilles Rouffineau (ESAD) Grenoble-Valence, France
  2020 Fall Conversation with Cree author Paul Seesequasis [Zoom], Photographic Arts Council, Los Angeles
  2020 Winter Continuity of the Still Image, article by Jeanette Zwingenberger, Paris, France
  2020 Winter-Spring Continuity of the Still Image, Inda Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
  2019 Fall Illustrating Dynamics & Probability, ICERM, Brown University
  2019 Fall Lecture on Data, Media, Culture and Visual Narrative in Warsaw and the National Film Academy, Lodz, Poland
  2019 Fall Blanket Toss Under the Midnight Sun, Paul Seesequasis, Random House, Canada
  2019 Fall Digital Art through the Looking Glass, Edition Donau-Universität, Krems, Austria
  2019 Summer Making Visible the Invisible 2005-2019, Siggraph 2019, Los Angeles
  2019 Summer The Ising Model, VisAp'19, Chengdu, China
  2019 Spring Photo London 2019 Art Fair, Inda Gallery, Budapest
  2019 Spring From Analog to Digital keynote Lecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
  2019 Spring Graham Foundation Advanced Studies in Fine Arts publication award, Chicago
  2019 Winter StarGazers: Contemporary Art & Astronomy, Orange Coast College
  2019 Winter A Brilliant Spectrum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  2019 Winter Art & Artificial Intelligence, College Art association Conference, NYC
  2018 Fall Ising Model: Blink, Siggraph Asia, Tokyo 2018
  2018 Fall Four-Dimensional Universe, Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2018 Fall George Legrady, Photo Alliance, San Francisco Art Institute
  2018 Winter Visiting Fellow, iCinema, University of New South Wales, Sydney
  2018 Winter-Spring James Bay Cree in 1973, Art & Architecture Hall, UC Santa Barbara
  2017 Fall Projects in Visualizing Data, EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique) Lausanne
  2017 Fall Visiting Scholar, Institut des mines-telecom, ParisTech, Paris
  2017 Fall Voice of Sisyphus, in Datumsoria, ZKM, Karlsruhe
  2017 Summer Anamorphic Fluid, Currents New Media, Santa Fe
  2017 Spring Footprints: A Walk through Generations: Aanischaaukamikw Cultural Institute, Quebec
  2017 Winter Snapshot of Eeyou Istchee, the Nation of the Cree
  2016 Fall Photographs of a Cree Community, HyperAllergic
  2016 Fall Photograph of the Cree, Creative Capital Blog
  2016 Fall Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Art Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles
  2016 Summer Anamorphic Fluid in SV+VS at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea
  2016 Spring John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, NYC
  2016 Winter Digital Arts Lecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
  2016 Winter Shift, Stretch, Expand, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara
  2016 Winter Language of Perpetual Conditions, Cal State University, Los Angeles
  2016 Winter Artsy (review), Los Angeles
  2016 Winter Los Angeles Times, (review) Los Angeles
  2015 Fall Day & Night (NewsHawk) (UCSB Current), Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2015-2016 Winter Day & Night, (Installation photos) Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2015 Fall Archiving Online, Wolfgang Ernst, Looters, Smugglers, Collectors, Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway
  2015 Fall Architectures de Mémoire, Paris, France
  2015 Fall Autovision in Communication & Control, Fotofest Mannheim, Heidelberg, Germany
  2015 Fall InfoSphere, ZKM (Center Media Art & Media), Karlsruhe, Germany
  2015 Summer Constructions, Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2015 Summer Voice of Sisyphus | Slice, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China
  2015 Summer Digital Technologoies as Medium for Cultural Narrative, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China
  2015 Spring Imagining Macondo, Bogota International Art fair, Colombia
  2015 Spring Anecdoted Archive, Center for Digital Cultures, Brussels, Belgium
  2014 Fall Voice of Sisyphus, IEEE VisWeek 2014 , Paris
  2014 Fall Arte y Ciencia de Interfaz, Planetario de Bogota, Bogota, Colombia
  2014 Fall-2015 Spring Clocks for Seeing: Time and Motion, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  2014 Fall 6018, Edward Cella Gallery , Los Angeles
  2014 Fall Texas Contemporary, Edward Cella Gallery, , Los Angeles
  2014 Fall International Conference on Digital Intelligence, Nantes, France
  2014 Fall Exquisite Vision, ISEA (International Society for Electronic Arts), Dubai
  2014 Spring Interrogating-Methodologies Conference,UCSB
  2014 Winter Swarm Vision and the New Everyday, Media Commons, NY
  2013 Fall Miami Project, Art Basel, Edward Cella Gallery
  2013 Fall Swarm Vision, Run Run Shaw Media Centre, Hong Kong
  2013 Fall Voice of Sisyphus, Sight & Sound, Beall Center for Art & Technology, UC Irvine
  2013 Fall On the Road, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto
  2013 Fall Reflections on the Computational Photograph, Kreber Verlag, Bielefeld
  2013 Fall Swarm Vision, Vox Gallery, Mois de la Photo à Montreal
  2013 Summer Swarm Vision, ACM Siggraph, Anaheim
  2013 Spring-Summer Algorithmic Animations in Data Curation, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  2013 Fall-2013 Summer Refraction 21c Museum hotel, Cincinnati
  2012 Fall Space Interdisciplinary Panel, SMMMASH, Stanford University, Palo Alto
  2012 Fall Data is Beautiful, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
  2012 Fall Refraction, Nature Morte Gallery, Berlin
  2012 Summer Refraction in Stage Presence, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
  2012 Summer James Bay Cree Research Award (National Science Foundation ARC)
  2012 Spring Seattle Library Project Data Visualizations at VisWeek 2012, Seattle
  2012 Spring Slice in EMOÇÃO ART.FICIAL 6.0, Itau Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  2012 Spring 93106 (university press release) UC Santa Barbara
  2011 Fall Refraction, Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2011 Fall Science & Tech Workshop Invitation, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA
  2011 Fall ISEA Istanbul, Presentations on Cell Tango and Data visualization
  2011 Fall Visually Applied Robotics National Science Foundation (IIS)
  2011 Fall Robert W. Deutsch Foundation fellowship recipient
  2011 Fall Data Visualization Visiting faculty, fall semester at the New School, New York
  2011 Fall Machine Vision lecture, ZKM (Center for Art & Technology), Karlsruhe, Germany
  2011 Spring Arts, Humanities and Complex Numbers at NetSci Conference, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
  2011 Spring Projects in Data Visualization at TEDxsv, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  2011 Winter Science, Memory, Art, Panel at Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2011 Winter Refraction [catalog] is now available at
  2011 Winter Cell Tango in Spread, exhibition, curated by Off-Space, SOMArts, San Francisco
  2010 Fall Data Workshop, HEAD, Haute Ecole d'Art & Design, Geneva
  2010 Fall Interview, MAS Context: Issue 7 Information, MAS Studio, Chicago
  2010 Fall Cell Tango, Mediations Biennale, Poznan, Poland
  2010 Fall Form+Code, edited by C.Reas, C.McWilliams, Princeton Architectural Press
  2010 Spring Making Visible the Invisible, in Art + Science, Thames & Hudson, Stephen Wilson
  2010 Spring Cell Tango, featured artwork at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA
  2010 Winter We Are Stardust at CODE Live, Vancouver Olympics, Vancouver, BC
  2009 fall Agency & Algorithms keynote lecture at Interactive Futures, Vancouver, BC
  2009 Summer-fall Can You See Me Now? review, Boston Globe, Mass
  2009 Summer-fall Cell Tango Davis Museum, Wellesley College, Mass
  2009 Summer-fall Blink, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno
  2009 Summer Retelling inaugural in Shangha eArts Beyond, Shanghai
  2009 Summer Blink and Stardust,Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles
  2009 Summer Interview with Tulsa Kinney, Artillery, Los Angeles
  2009 Spring Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War, in "Histoire à l'ère numérique" Plug-In Gallery, Basel
  2009 Winter-spring Blink, Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte, Hanover, Germany
  2009 Winter Making Visible the Invisible, in Art & Electronica Media, Phaidon, Edward Shanken
  2008 Fall George Legrady’s Images in Transit [portfolio] by Jean Gagnon, Ciel Variable, Montreal
  2008 Fall Blink, collection of DE Shaw Group, Global Investment [research]
  2008 Fall Stardust, Edward Cella Gallery for Art & Architecture, Los Angeles
  2008 Fall Cinema, interactivité, société, European School of the Image, Poitiers, France
  2008 Fall China in Transition, for Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte, Hanover, Germany
  2008 Fall Public Memories Conference, Syracuse University, Syracuse
  2008 Fall Keynote lecture, Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
  2008 Summer-Fall Data Flow, Commission by Gensler for Corporate Executive Board, Arlington,. VA
  2008 Fall We Are Stardust, with Caltech NASA Spitzer Center and the Art Center College of Design
  2008 Fall Cell Tango, Inauguration at the National Theatre, TAP, Poitiers, France
  2008 Fall Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War, in Drifting Slowly, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto
  2007 Fall Master Class, Haute Ecole Supérieur de Design, Geneva
  2007 Fall Visualizations & Algorithms, Fundacion Telefonica, Buenos Aires
  2007 Summer Algorithmic Visualizations, Edward Cella Gallery for Art & Architecture, Santa Barbara
  2007 Summer Pockets Full of Memories, in Zone V2_, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
  2007 Summer Visual Studies Conference, Scholarly Communication Institute, University of Virginia
  2007 Summer Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive, National Academy of Sciences, Washington
  2007 Summer Blink, Installation at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  2007 Spring Data Visualization, Workshop, Haute Ecole Supérieur de Design, Geneva
  2006 Fall Data Visualization, Workshop, International New Media Institute, Luebeck
  2006 Fall Algorithmic Visualizations, Solo exhibition Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto
  2006 Fall ACM Multimedia 2006, Co-chair of Art Exhibition Program, UCSB
  2006 Summer Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive, Premiere at ISEA, San Jose
  2006 Summer Polyptic, 2006 International Beijing Media Festival, Millenium Art Museum, Beijing
  2006 Spring Pockets Full of Memories, Frankfurt Museum of Communication
  2006 Fall Data Visualization, Workshop, Ecole Superieur de l'Image, Angouleme/Poitiers
  2006 Winter BlackBox Invitational, Curated by Christiane Paul, ARCO Art Fair, Madrid
  2006 Winter Algorithmic Visualizations , Telic Gallery, Los Angeles
  2005 Fall Art of Mapping Statistics , Interview with Roberto Simanowski
  2005 Fall Making Visible the Invisible, Whitney Museum Artport Portal
  2005 Fall Intelligencer, Stranger, Seattle Public Library Reviews
  2005 Fall Kinetic Flow, Commission for the Los Angeles Metro Rail Subway
  2005 Summer International Conference for Science & Technology into Society, KAIST, Seoul, Korea
  2005 Spring Transliteracies, Conference on Online Reading, UCSB
  2005 Spring Calculating Images, Conference on the Algorithmic Image, UCSB
  2005 Spring George Legrady, (Interactive Publication) Langlois Foundation, Montreal
  2005 Winter Meta Narratives, Fundacio La Caixa, Barcelona
  2005 Winter Pockets Full of Memories, solo exhibition, Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester
  2005-2014 Making Visible the Invisible Public arts commission, Seattle Public Library
  2004 Fall-2005 Winter Algorithmic Visualizations, solo exhibition at the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa
  2004 Fall-2005 Winter Slippery Traces, in "Database Imaginary", Banff Centre for the Arts
  2004 Fall Distributed Form, Architecture Media & Design Symposia, UC Berkeley
  2004 Summer Est-ce que l'art à besoin du numérique, le centre culturel de Cerisy-la-Salle, France
  2004 Summer Pockets Full of Memories Seminar, with academician Teuvo Kohonen, Kiasma, Helsinki
  2004 Spring-Summer Pockets Full of Memories II, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki
  2004 Winter Interdisciplinary Collaborative Process, Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea, Italy
  2003 Fall Pockets Full of Memories II "Aura", c3 Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest
  2003 Fall Pockets Full of Memories II, Honorable mention, Vida 6.0, Fundacion Telefonica, Madrid
  2003 Fall Seattle Public Library Project Proposal Phase I
  2003 Summer Pockets Full of Memories, honorable mentions at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz
  2003 April Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time, New York Digital Salon
  2003 February Pockets Full of Memories at DEAF 03, Rotterdam
  2002 November Arts & Industry Collaboration Symposium, Co-organizer George Legrady, Lake Arrowhead
  2002 Fall-2003 Spr Slippery Traces in Future Cinema at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
  2002 Fall Sensing Speaking Space and panels at ISEA 2002, Nagoya, Japan
  2002 Fall Chance Encounters Los Angeles Metrorail Art Commission, Los Angeles
  2002 Summer Creative Capital Foundation, Emerging Fields Grant Recipient