MAT End of Year Show


Exhibition: May 19, 5-9pm

Elings Hall, UC Santa Barbara

Concert: May 20, 6-9pm

SBCAST (Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology)

513 Garden Street, downtown Santa Barbara, 93101


Exhibition Poster

Re-habituation, meaning "becoming refocused and reaccustomed", stems etymologically from re- meaning "again", and from habitusand habeo - evoking habit (one's patterns of behavior), habitat (one's environment), having (a right to possess), and habeas corpus (one's rights against unlawful detention). Our task is not only to work at the frontiers of knowledge - closing the divide between the unfamiliar and the familiar - but to nurture the roots, so that our endeavors are not simply buoyed by the spectacle of the novel, but born from the enduring - the ancient, the actual, and the human.

-- Marcos Novak


By Kuangyi Zhou, Rachel Taylor, Austin Bernales and Larry Zins