MAT 265 Open Projects in Optical/Motion-Computational Processes

George Legrady

Elings Hall, lab 2611, CNSI Building 2nd floor - Tues-Thurs 1-2:50pm

Course Format

MAT265 is a studio production course to allow students to concentrate on a project of their own interest within the topic of computation and visualization. The goals of the course are to provide opportunities for creative experimentation, potentially culminating with a project, or proposal, or research development, or dissertation work.

The workload consists of regular individual meetings and occasional group presentations to share with the class the evolution of each students's work. Milestones consist of:

1) identifying a topic of interest
2) proceed to define the schedule to realize the project by the end of the 10-week course
3) Document the 10 week work to be posted at this website.


Course Premise The current profusion of interest in computationally-generated machine-learning, deep learning for visualization, the situation of point-of-view in virtual reality, and in contrast the overwhelming amount of banal and formulaic commercial images we continuously navigate through positions us to re-examine broad questions related to “what is an image” and how it is experienced.

Lecture Topics












Each week, a topic that intersects disciplines from historical and contemporary perspectives on aesthetics, perception and computation will be discussed.

What is an image overview | What is an Image, H.Cohen | Aesthetic Primitives, G.Peters

Visualizing Space in 2D and 3D (Swarm Vision, Weihao 2d-3d photo, Weidi)

Perspective, Point of View (Anamorphs, single and multiple vantage points, VR space) fov_360_video | fov_spatial_trans | Automation, L. Manovich | Relativity

Visualizing Time & Motion | shapetime | motiondeblur

Style & Content Analysis | style transfer | decomposition | texture_synthesis | image-to-image

Rhetoric of the Image (Roland Barthes) | image | notes | lexicon

Student research / production

Student research / production

Visual NeuroScience, Lecture by Prof. Miguel Eckstein | Style Transfer in Visual Metamerism

Documentation, presentation, reporting

Documentation, presentation, reporting

Student Projects

Griffith, Kio

Kang, Cindy

Qiu, Weihao

Son, Jungah

ZHang, Weidi


Installation project in San Pedro

GeoD - A Geo-location Based Topic Model Visualization Tool

Studies in 2D-to-3D photography

Style Transfer

"Borrowed Scenery", a virtual reality experience