MAT259 Visualizing Information(4 units)

George Legrady
Javier Villegas

Lecture/lab: Tues-Thurs 11:00-1:00 Estudio/Arts old gym 479-1211

Course Description

A lecture and lab course to explore the visual organization of information. Lectures, readings and technical demos will focus on a range of conceptual models of data visual mapping as implemented in various disciplines, artistic, statistical and scientific.. There are 3 projects to realize: 2D linear frequency mapping; 2D spatial treemap; 3D spatial, or time-based animation. Course requires 2 reference books: Ben Fry's is online, and there is a desk copy for the Graphics of Large Datasets by Unwin, etc. See other recommended references at end of syllabus. Course Forum

Koolhaas' Seattle Library

OMA/LMN Concept Book | PrinceRamus on TED | SPL Architecture

Making Visible the Invisible

Project Link | ICHIM Publication | Mapping Statistics Interview

The SPL Data

All the projects and demos in this course will be using the same dataset of checked-out items (books, cds, movies, etc.) from the Seattle Public Library. The data is retrieved by the hour since August, 2005.

XML Format Data | Dewey Classification | ItemTypes (Explanation) | SPL New Titles | Histogram


[wk 1].......Lecture 1.04 Introduction: Data Overview
  Course overview pdf: projects, approach, etc.
Overview of Seattle data, format, etc.

Lab 1.06

Introduction to the Processing environment
XML Stripper | Dewey_NonDewey [data][font] | CheckinOutTime [data][data][font] | testmysql.pde

Txtbook: 1-Introduction | Ben Fry | XML Basic

[wk 2].......Lecture 1.11 Frequency Mapping Visualization | Data Mining (pdf)
Minard | NYTimes [recession][jobrate][DNA][MichaelJackson][fun][Culturomics]]| Feltron | Wattenberg | catalogTree| Ngram |

MAT: 2008< Carrasco | YTChuang | McDaniel | 2009: Reza DeweyDots [data][fnt1][fnt2][fnt3] | Hardy | 2010: Laura Devendorf |

Lab 1.13
MySQL, Text Search
DeweyNotDeweyFromMySQL.pde; FreqQueryTotxt.pde; Plotbarfreqfromtext.pde (3 demo zip) |
Query With MySQL ID; Save Trans ID to Textfile (2 demo zip)

Ch.5: Multivariate Categorical Data -Statistical Graphics | Ch.4: Time Series: Ben Fry

[wk 3].......Lecture 1.18 Frequency Visualization
Info Aesthetics | Visual Complexity | Fisher | Manor | GLevin | BabyNames | catalogtree: US Contracts

Lab 1.20 Frequency Lab

[wk 4].......Lecture 1.25 Prevous Frequency Projects
Yun-Ting Chuang | Melissa Carrasco [final]| Darren hardy | Andres Burbano | Daniel McDaniel [final] | Mock | Darren Hardy
10fGeneva Workshop: Leila Jacquet | Ellwood Spafford | Stanislaus Bernatt | Mathieu Cherubini

Presentation 1.27 Frequency Mapping Project
D_Baricevic | S_Bhat | J_Dickinson | Y_Fan [url] | Q_Liu | B_Mazloom | N_Stockman | P_Rudolph | Y_Teng | K_Yerkes [url]

After the Storm NCSA [video] | Tufte feedback | NCSA InfoVis


[wk 5].......Lecture 2.01 Spatialization & Treemap
SmartMoney | Newsmap | Ben Fry Treemap | Treemap Class | Matt Hubert Treemap |
Kohonen Self-organizing Map | Godwin [sort] | JJGuy SOM

Lab 2.03
Treemap Demos
Treemap Demos | BFry Treemap Library | treemap2layers.pde | treemaplibtest.pde

Ch.9: Trees -Statistical Graphics | Ch.7: Trees, Hierarchies, Recursion: Ben Fry | Honkela Thesis

[wk 6].......Lecture 2.08 Organization of Space[ppt]

Lab 2.10 Treemap

"VisualCriticism" Kosara

[wk 7].............Lab 2.15


Presentation 2.17 TreeMap Project
D_Baricevic | S_Bhat | J_Dickinson | Y_Fan | Q_Liu | B_Mazloom | N_Stockman | P_Rudolph | Y_Teng |K_Yerkes [url]

Reading "Cultural Analytics" Manovich


[wk 8]........Lecture 2.22 3D Spatialization, Animation, Interaction
NYTimes | TextArc | Reza Ali | Fry-Isometrics | UliSchmidt | DarkMatter | 3D Slice |

Lab 2.24
3D spatialization or animation
AnimaBar.pde | DV_3D_Synoptic_OpenGL.pde | DV_3D_Synoptic_Remix.pde | DV_3D_Synoptic.pde | ThreeDBar.pde | 3DDemos2010.zip | AnimationAnd3D.zip

Reading "Eyes Have It" Schneiderman

[wk 9]................... 3.01

Independent Meetings

Presentation 3.03 3D Spatialization & Animation (work-in-progress)

[wk 10].............Lab 3.08 Dead Week; Production
Lab 3.10 Dead Week; Production

[wk 11]Presentation 3.15 Final Projects
D_Baricevic | S_Bhat | J_Dickinson | Y_Fan [url] | Q_Liu | B_Mazloom | N_Stockman | P_Rudolph | Y_Teng [url] | K_Yerkes [url]

Technical TextBooks

Graphics of Large Datasets, Unwin, Theus, Hofmann (Statistics & Computing)
Visualizing Data, [Examples] Ben Fry (Online text by the co-author of Processing)

Information Visualization
Mapping & Design
Graphic Design
Literary Analysis
Online References
Additional Processing Refs
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information | Envisioning Information, Edward Tufte
Mapping Graphic Navigational Systems, Fawcett-Tang
DataFlow: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design, Gestalten
Graphs, Maps, Trees, Franco Moretti
Visual Complexity | Infoesthetics | 259 Links Resource
Shiffman | Greenberg [code] | Terzidis [code]

Grading Completion of 3 projects 25% each
Attendance, Participation and Literature Review 25%

The course is designed to accommodate both beginning and advanced students. All students will be expected to perform at the level of their expertise but programming experience is desirable.